What we do?

AINO is a powerhouse of applied AI for customer experience driven business growth and leadership. We focus in utilising advanced tools to lead your business with the next generation customer understanding and predictions.

Aino AI-Ready

Understand how well your company is equipped for the future from a data perspective with our light AI-READY audit. We help companies turn their existing data sources to future assets.

Aino Exploration

Provide your team a very concrete and hands on experience of AI analytics. In this project, we identify and experiment opportunities for AI in your business.

Aino ROCX™

Transform your customer feedback data into insights, KPI conversion analysis, and optimal simulated strategies. AINO ROCX is first of its kind interactive dashboard and planning tool for your CX strategies!

AINO 360°™

The Service Agreement for bringing your companys Customer Experience leadership to the next era! The 360 is our continuous service model that combines CX measuring and analytics with prioritised recommendations and delivered solutions. AINO 360 is the missing piece of your CX.

Our capability to connect the dots

With AINO we cover the 360 degrees of Business Leadership, supported by AI. Our experience ranges from wide data science and quantitative analytics capabilities to qualitative sense making and solution building by business and service design. Based on our experience, the best results are achieved when these capabilities are combined. Applied Artificial intelligence shows a data driven direction, where investments and activities should be directed. And with business- & design thinking we are able to understand why certain factors are important and thus design value creating innovative solutions on top of this understanding.

Data Science capabilities for applied AI

Machine learning

AINO utilizes the whole field of machine learning, including deep learning and traditional machine learning models.


We apply statistical analysis and inference methodologies, for example to validate the machine learning-based analysis results.


We can utilize all of the major programming languages for data analysis experiments and implementations, including Python, Java and C++


We have a lot of experience on applying machine learning models in various application domains, including Natural Language Processing on textual customer feedback.

Competence for sense making and executed solutions

Business design

Sense making of KPI values and analysis results. Business modelling and making sure that the analytics serve the purpose of the business.

Service Design

We have vast experience and over 80 academically proven methods for qualitative customer insight and the capability to design the solutions for our customers.

Information visualization and communication

The capability to combine and visualize information into meaningful views that serve the goals of your stakeholders.

Aino Leadership Team

We are a team of over 30 professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field of Service design and applied artificial intelligence. Our team has worked in various fields of business in over 20 countries worldwide. We are obsessed with your company´s success and driven by the organisations´ most complex challenges. We are inspired by artificial intelligence and we look for answers from your customers.

Niko Reunanen

Principal Data Scientist

Jaakko Wäänänen

Head of strategy

Laura Franck

Commercial director, Helsinki

Timo Patiala

Commercial director, London

Ville Manneri

Business Design

Sami Näveri


Juha Kronqvist

Service Design and applied AI

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