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A Service Design journey from traditional bureaucracy to agile business

By using a service design approach, it is possible to create superior customer experiences with the ultimate goal of accelerating growth and sustainably improving business performance. In this article, we share two examples of how service design was used to improve agility in two traditional organisations, and the impact the changed approach had on their…

Hellon becomes most awarded service design agency by SDN after third win for high level impact in the retail sector

In October 2018, Hellon received the “Best in Commercial Category” award at the Service Design Global Conference in Dublin. This was Hellon’s third award at the event making us the most-awarded agency by the Service Design Network.  The awarded project was conducted together with Irish grocery retail and wholesale company Musgrave, and was based around…

Hellon teaches their AI to understand spoken Finnish

Hellon has secured a funding of almost half a million euro to teach their Artificial Intelligence AINO to understand and recognize what makes us happy – the technology is expected to revolutionize the customer services industry first in Finland and then around the world. We have developed our own AINO artificial intelligence solution since 2016….

AINO helps managing the customer experience

  In our previous post, we introduced AINO, Hellon’s newly launched solution utilising artificial intelligence. Now we take a closer look at how AINO supports customer experience management and the process of making customer experience related predictions.   Anticipating and making predictions in the management of customer experience is particularly complex and challenging, as the…

Hellon Proudly Presents: AINO

  There has been a lot of talk around artificial intelligence and new, related solutions are constantly being launched. When speaking of artificial intelligence (AI), the term translates into a multiple different meanings. Most common interpretation would be machine’s ability to imitate human thought and decision-making processes. In a wider scale, it can also mean…

Academic papers

Kirsikka Vaajakallio, Anna Pyyluoma, Zeynep Falay von Fittner and Tuuli Mattelmäki: Experience strategies in the back stage

Hellon helped to define the next government’s agenda in Finland utilizing service design approach

In the recent years, Hellon has had the opportunity to apply service design approach to various organizational strategy processes. In January 2018 Hellon, together with State Treasury’s D9 digital team, facilitated a two-day workshop, The Sprint Towards Sustainable Growth, which is a great example of how participatory and user-centered approaches of service design can be…

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