How we deliver RoCX®

We call it RoCX - Return on Customer Experience

By combining creativity and advanced analytics for stronger impact and higher hitrate.

By bias towards action, always ensuring that insights and strategies are turned into outcomes and impact.

By partnering with our clients for the long term.


Focus and future direction

Discover untapped opportunities and set a bright north star for providing unique customer value

Recent studies show that companies who identify customer experience as a top-management issue outperform their competitors in most financial metrics. These companies have a deep understanding of evolving customers needs and have tied customer-centricity to business leadership through a bold, customer-centric vision.

By discovering untapped opportunities through the needs of customers and understanding shifts and trends in the society at large you will:

  • Identify a case for change and clarify the priorities for providing customer value
  • Build stakeholder alignment around critical customer needs and disruptive trends affecting the business
  • Clarify your unique position for creating value and articulate an engaging customer-centric vision
  • Create a solid understanding of key drivers behind current CX performance metrics
  • Build a map of future growth opportunities
  • CX Vision & Strategy
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Strategic Insight & Foresight 
  • Need-based Segmentation


Innovation and experience

Innovate and execute the best propositions for maximal value

Competition is increasingly fierce, and the need for staying relevant in the eyes of your customers has never been as important as it is today.

By innovating and developing new offerings, business models and experiences, you will:

  • Increase customer lifetime value 
  • Build growth from new business
  • Strengthen brand value
  • Offering Architecture
  • Experience Ecosystem Design
  • Experience Innovation & Re-Design
  • Rapid Prototyping and Testing
  • Customer Relationship Models


People and Transformation

Reach high speed with a customer-centric culture and capabilities

In a quickly evolving environment full of uncertainty, customer focus helps to cope, as changing needs can be identified and addressed more effectively.

By empowering your people and building a lasting, customer-centric transformation, you will:

  • Increase organisational adaptivity, agility and productivity 
  • Boost design thinking capabilities and promote a customer-centric mindset and culture
  • Reduce time to market
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Design Thinking Capability Building
  • Process Development
  • CX Governance & KPIs
  • CX Guidelines and Playbooks