Designing Strategy & Leading Transformation

Why is this important?

Recent studies show, companies that understand design is a top-management issue have outperformed their competitors in most financial metrics. These companies are purpose driven, have combined design and business leadership through a bold, customer centric vision which is clearly embedded throughout the organisation.

Main activities

  • Defining our purpose
  • Co-creating a vision
  • Defining our customer experience strategy
  • Strategy design sprints
  • Participative strategy processes
  • Cultural transformation
  • Customer centric leadership
  • Creating a culture of co-creation
  • Internal capabilities building
  • Employee and culture research

Your top 5 business challenges we help to solve:

What is our purpose and future vision?

How to create a winning customer experience strategy and prioritise the investments?

How might we become more customer centric and driven as an organisation?

How do we design engaging employee experience strategies?

How do we improve our creativity and productivity with Design?

Our offering

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What are the real needs of our customers today and tomorrow?

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