Mandatum Life wanted to create a joint cross-organisational way for the whole company to ensure the best possible customer experiences. Mandatum Life wanted that their acknowledged and respected company brand would be even more strongly present in their various service touchpoints and customer encounter. The target for Hellon was to transform the brand into a tangible customer experience concept and concrete service identity.

The Solution

Hellon utilized artificial intelligence and design methodology to create an impactful service identity for Mandatum Life, one of Finland's most respected financial services providers. The service identity innovatively took into consideration the multichannel environment in which Mandatum Life operates and serves its clients.

The Process

After analysing vast amounts of customer and employee satisfaction data, Hellon’s AI solution AINO predicted that feeling of caring would have the most significant impact on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and NPS (Net Promoter Score). After the data analysis, the focus of the service identity design was to implement the feeling of caring and to create solutions who to the element of caring into practice across the organization.

 In order to ensure a successful implementation, Hellon utilized methods of co-design and gamification to engage the employees to take the ownership of the new service identity. The service identity became the common language and a joint signature service that is now visible and tangible in the  multipe customer experiences provided by Mandatum Life.


Impact of the new service identity can be clearly witnessed in record high NPS results and in the positive feedback customers are constantly giving. Besides of the significant growth in customer satisfaction, the business year of 2018 was excellent for the life insurance company – the amount of wealth their customers trusted in the hands of the asset managers of the company grew record high.The service identity of Mandatum Life was chosen as one of the finalists in the Global Service Design Awards 2019 – read more here

We are very happy with the work Hellon has done for us. Customer satisfaction measured by Net Promoter Score has gone significantly up since launching the new service identity.”

Sanna Rajaniemi – Vice President at Mandatum Life

Our Design Process

Hellon utilized an iterative and agile double-diamond process for concretizing the feeling of caring  into service actions and co-designed a new service identity together with management and employees. Finally, the new service identity was translated into an effective tool and guidebook that put the “feeling of caring” into practice across the whole organization.

Client scoring data is totally anonymous which means neither Mandatum Life or AI can identify a customer.