Our client’s competitors were aggressively marketing new account-switching services, so we needed to respond by improving the on-boarding experience. Of course, customers don’t change banks very often, so when they do it’s crucial that the initial experience with their new bank is positive. Signing up to their new financial services provider had to be smooth and delightful.

The solution

New ideas were prototyped with stakeholders and end users in a Concept Lab — a test environment for early stage service prototypes. We simulated the new, improved customer journey by prototyping all the new service touch points, from handouts to interior configuration to new web pages. Then we invited customers, advisors and key stakeholders to go through the journey and give feedback. The client was trained to facilitate this process in the Concept Lab, supported by Hellon experts.

The results

As an outcome for the project and the tested prototypes and innovations the client has launched several initiatives like the Parent VIP –package, Baby food Ambassador, Free fruit for kids nationally, sweet free checkouts and doubled parent parking spaces and built hotel grade baby changing rooms in all new build stores. During the project, we saw an increase of 643% in social media reach and 512% in engagement.

The client saw a 3.3% increase in their baby category revenue when looking at the pre-vs post trial period, in addition they also saw a marked increase of 5.2% in the overall store sales pre-vs post. During the trial period, 70% of the shoppers said they felt less stressed during their experience and 90% said they would be spending more time in store and/or would return more often to shop as a result. In addition, there was an increase to shopping earlier in the day +3.5% from 22.6% of people shopping 9 to 12pm to 26.1%, this helped the store give a better experience at quieter times and maximise their resources in store.  For the stores involved in the service design project and in the commercial trial, the total annualised incremental revenue impact was as high as 678,000€. Based on the project, the improved customer experience and the new solutions, the client now estimates an incremental revenue of €4.84M annually to be achieved as a direct result of the Service Design.

Top results


Reduced costs by shelving £4m worth of planned technology investments, as a result of our insights.

Increased revenue

An improved customer experience was delivered, allowing more customers to complete the joining process, doubling the number of meetings advisors could schedule, and increasing recommendation through better customer satisfaction.

Culture change

The new collaborative way of working received praise from senior parts of the organisation, and has led to future projects taking a similar approach from now on.

The process

Hellon challenged the traditional approach within the organisation, which previously avoided exposing staff and management to genuine customer insights. Instead, we used in-depth customer interviews, ideation and prioritisation workshops, ensuring the participation of front line employees and key stakeholders.A number of planned technology investments were abandoned after insights showed they would have missed the mark. Instead, a multi-channel approach was chosen and worked through with a cross-disciplinary team.