Human-to-human business

Hellon uses service design expertise and methods to help businesses evolve towards human-to-human experiences.


In a world obsessed with digital transformation, we bring the forgotten human back to the core of a truly omnichannel approach. We also run programs inside businesses to create organisational change. Our work creates empathetic services and working environments, it has impact.



Our award winning work reflects our drive and values.

We are contemporary, pushing the boundaries of customer experience development.

We are professional, designing based on fact with a strong academic background.

We are results oriented, constantly working towards maximum impact.

We do all this with a human touch.



  • Create award-winning customer experiences

    Using a human-centric design process to ideate, design and implement innovative services
  • Design forward-looking service strategies

    Customer-experience strategy and vision based on deep customer insights.
  • Build customer-centric company culture

    Create a transformation plan and following it through with education and mentoring.

We believe that all business is human-to-human business and that it is people, not processes, which drive emotional connections. In a world obsessed with digital transformation, we bring the forgotten human back to the core of a truly channel independent approach.

The best of services help their customers grow and thrive by helping them achieve their goals. From companies this requires a shift towards real empathic interest in their customers and smartness in how to help their employees turn these into innovative services.

In short, to turn concepts into great customer experiences requires a focus on great employee experience.

Innovative organisations combine:

Empathic interest:

• Learn about people’s everyday life and situations
• Understand needs, feelings and motivations
• Uncover values and aspirations
• Create commitment through empowerment
• Communicate with emotion


• Test and improve ideas with real people
• Reimagine the future by exploring opportunities
• Drive for positive financial and social impact
• Reinvent business models
• Know what and how to measure

We serve your organisation with
two different collaboration models:

  • Tactical, agile projects

    Reach the planned customer experience development KPI´s in your timeframe and budget.

  • Strategic transformation programs

    Working together as partners with the c-suite to evolve your business towards human-to-human experiences and a customer centric culture.



Our employee experience

Hellon’s vision is to be the best employer in the creative industry. On an individual level it means that we make sure our employees like coming to work in the morning, enjoy their work environment, their work community and feel their contribution is important. We are at work half of our waking hours; we want to make sure we experience these hours as a meaningful and enriching part of our life. We work hard as individuals. We grow and progress as a community. We learn with and from each other. We are Hellon.

  • jaakko_web Jaakko Wäänänen CEO Helsinki
    +358 40 560 4828

    Jaakko’s background is in service innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy. He is a laid back colleague, a visionary entrepreneur with strong leadership skills.

    “I dream of giving a Keynote at B20 in 10 years on How Human – to – Human business changed the world.”

  • markus_h_web Markus Hohl CEO London
    +44 7702 775269

    Markus is an entrepreneur, passionate designer and co-founder of Hellon, London. He has 20 years’ international experience at the front line of design and is an expert in design management and service design. Before Hellon he led the Experience Design team at Orange Innovation Labs in London.

    “I live on an island with my family in the middle of the River Thames in a 1970s Scandinavian-designed communal group of houses. I love it!”

  • Timo_WEB Timo Pätiälä Business Development Director, London
    +44 7708 141627
  • juha_web Juha Kronqvist Lead Service Designer & Design Director
    +358 41 4660309

    Juha is an expert in creating innovative service concepts through deep customer understanding.

    “I love it when my passion for great experiences is united with the needs of forward-thinking clients.”

  • minna_web Minna Einiö Client Service Director
    +358 50 584 9084

    Minna has years of experience and expertise from leading creative agencies’ top management tasks and in consulting cliencies from various fields. Minna’s ultimate strength is to support clients in their various business challenges in any situation where creativity can make a difference.

    “I love nature – it’s where I get strength and joy to my everyday life.”

  • laura_f_web Laura Franck Client Service Director
    +358 44 379 4980

    Laura has had the opportunity to work with Hellon sales and development since 2012. Her strength lies in understanding the client companies’ needs and creating solutions to meet the high expectations of our unique customers.

    “I hope I can have my morning coffee in the sun as often as possible.”

  • mariann_web Mariann Parts Client Service Director
    +358 40 450 3343

    Mariann is devoted to working for the successful international growth of Hellon. She’s always looking forward to meeting new people and planning how the know-how of Hellon can best support the client companies’ business.

    “I love many things, but mainly my white fluffy dog.”

  • ida_web Ida Rainio Senior Service Designer
    +358 40 352 6069

    A pioneer by nature, Ida is passionate about helping organisations meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. Her tools of choice are design thinking and co-creative communication.

    “I love thought-provoking conversations and belly laughs.”

  • lotta_web Lotta Julkunen Senior Service Designer & Art Director
    +358 44 547 0217

    Lotta is a Royal College of Art graduate, who believes customer-understanding and creative problem solving are the main tools for meaningful service innovation. She is an agile team member with a range of skills varying from ideation to product and graphic design.

    “I admire quick-witted people. I can’t believe they don’t air MacGyver anymore.”

  • maria_web Maria Jaatinen Service Designer
    +358 40 763 1266

    Maria is a service designer with strong visual abilities and a great interest towards customer-centric work practices. She’s graduated as an industrial designer and is currently finishing her masters studies in Collaborative and Industrial Design at Aalto University.

    “My favourite time of the day is having a slow breakfast in good company.”

  • kirsikka_web Kirsikka Vaajakallio Lead Service Designer & Employee Experience Director
    +358 50 585 3289

    Kirsikka has extensive experience in the service design field and was one of the first in the world to write her doctorate thesis on service design and design games. She believes that service design and user understanding leads to better and more functional services, regardless of company profile or size.

    “I hope that more people will become readier to experiment and do things differently.”

  • mikko_web Mikko Koivisto Lead Service Designer & Customer Experience Director
    +358 50 301 1172

    Mikko is a service design pioneer who is an expert in designing superior services and customer experiences across multiple sectors. His strengths are human-centred and participatory design processes, service innovation and CEM.

    ”I won’t stop before NPS’s delight me.”

  • zeynep_web Zeynep Falay von Flittner Lead Service Designer & Design Director
    +358 400 445 334

    Zeynep has 15 years of international design experience developing digital services for large companies and helping them to transform their service development processes into more user centric direction.

    “I love spending time with my two little daughters and learning something new from them all the time.”

  • rudy_web Rudy de Belgeonne Lead Designer London

  • pauline_ranta2 Pauline Ranta Client Service Director
    +358 41 505 7255

    Pauline has a background in managing both international and local projects, with a common aim of customer centricity and service development. She loves the Hellon drive and values: being contemporary, professional and result-oriented, all with a human touch.   

    “I love eating delicious food and being part of participatory city culture”

  • Sami_Naveri Sami Näveri CFO
    +358 400 254343
  • markus_web Markus Nurminen Service designer
    +358 45 679 5139

    Markus is a designer with his educational background in industrial and strategic design (MA), but he’s also experienced in graphic design. Markus’s strength is identifying people’s behavior and finding creative ways to fulfill their needs.

    “I love expressing myself through music, as it allows me to turn off my rational thinking.”

  • joakim_web Joakim Eriksson Service Designer
    +358 50 541 0448
  • lotta_v_web Lotta Väkevä Service Designer
    +358 45 277 3791

    Lotta is doing her master’s studies in Collaborative and Industrial Design at Aalto University. She wants to spread human-centred approach and create meaningful customer experiences. As an aesthetician she also loves doodling and visualizing. 

    “What makes me happy is a good cup of coffee and a long, lazy sunday stroll with my doggie.”

  • kristiina_torkkel Kristiina Torkkel Senior Service Designer London
    +44 789 9648849

    Kristiina is at her best when turing user insight into inspiring concepts, solving problems and pushing boundaries to create unique customer experiences together with business advantage. ‘Reaching a mountain’s summit makes me want to climb another’.

  • laura_lerkkanen Laura Lerkkanen Service Designer
    +358 40 415 0612
  • karolina_web Karolina Klockars On maternity leave
    +358 50 568 7306

    As Service Designer & Project Director, Karolina is responsible for Hellon’s project portfolio as a whole, resourcing projects and taking care of quality control. She also works as a project manager and service designer for individual projects, developing customer-oriented services.

    “I love slow breakfasts and extravagant dinner parties.”

  • Virve_Penttila_web Virve Penttilä Senior Service Designer & Interior Designer
    +358 40 776 7793


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